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Today's Nice Button!
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TOPIC: Today's Nice Button!
Today's Nice Button! 9 Years, 6 Months ago  
I did a little research on an old park a couple of weeks ago so Jr and I thought we would hunt it today. It looked really good from Google Earth but when we got there it looked like it had been filled at one time.

It is a very small park and there is a monument dated 1933 and a pond with a nice statue that dates in the 30s as well. It's about a foot higher than street level so that makes me think it was filled.

After about an hour of only finding a 1937 wheatie I decided to hunt next to the street where it was level and suggested to Jr that he do the same. After about 10 minutes I get this Indian hit that read 12-33 on the e-Trac at about 4 inches. I thought it would be too shallow to be an Indian but decided to dig it anyway.

I cut the plug and stuck my probe down in the hole and got nothing so I checked the plug and it was in there. Not expecting much I pulled dirt off of the end of the plug until I got the signal. Then when I rolled it out of the dirt clod I saw a shiny gold object that looked like a small button about the size of a dime :)

I was somewhat disappointed and cleaned it off to see a couple of figures on the front shaking hands. It looked too new to be old and I couldn't tell much about the back so I put it in my inside coat pocket for safe keeping.

After about another 30 minutes of hunting with nothing to show for it we decided to head out. When we stopped to fill up with gas I went to the washroom and washed off the button. Low and behold there was a Waterbury back mark on it so I knew then that it could be an old one!

I'll get some better pictures of it later but these aren't too bad for late at night. The front says United We Stand Divided We Fall and the back says Waterbury Button Co with a small star at the bottom. It's really better looking than the photos.

I found a couple online that are similar but I thought I would leave it to the experts on here to let me know what it is and what it might be worth!

Not sure how soon we will get back to that spot but the next time we are in the are we will hunt it again!

Keep your coil to the soil!
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Re: Today's Nice Button! 9 Years, 6 Months ago  
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